Sci-Fi/Fantasy Crystal


A classic asset
Modeled after the resource and energy crystals found in many games, this game ready crystal formation is perfect for any sci-fi or fantasy world. The model strikes a balance between simplicity and good geometric detail. It's light weight enough to distribute with a particle system, yet complex enough for that close up shot. With it's customizable color and surface details it can populate everything from moonscapes to subterranean caverns.

What you get
This product includes an OBJ file with three diffuse maps for red, green, and blue presets, as well as a Blend file containing a completely customizable, clearly labeled node tree allowing you to create any level of surface detail and endless color variations. You also receive a link to a FREE tutorial by yours truly that covers how to create this very asset so you can add even more variation to your scene with your own versions of the formation.

How to use
1. From your working scene, click File.
2. Select Link or Append for the Blend or Import for .OBJ
3. Browse to the location where the blend or OBJ file has been saved and click it.
4. Select Objects and double-click the object(s) you want in your scene. Note: This step is not needed when importing the OBJ.

Trouble with this asset?
Use any of the contact methods below! A message on my profile is best.
1. Send a message through my profile.
2. Any of the methods listed in the resume section of my website.

Standard Use License
License: Standard License
Stock Assets

For personal use and one commercial project (up to 2,000 sales or 20,000 views).


One copy to be used by a single user.

Installable Tools

One installation by a single user.

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